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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Welcome New or Prospective ENs

The National Employment Network Association (NENA) was launched by leading employment networks who know what you want from an association — because we want it too! We’re here to give you what you need to succeed:

  • Time-saving resources
  • Networking
  • Education
  • Advocacy for Ticket Program improvements
  • News & analysis of evolving Ticket Program

Personal networking with successful ENs is one of the many advantages of being a NENA full member. Also, NENA is developing new resources and educational programs to help your organization.

NENA created a special new membership category — Provisional — to help organizations that desire to become ENs and want help completing the RFP or developing their EN operations.

Whether you’re a new EN, a prospective EN or a just-getting-active EN, it’s time to sign up and ramp up. Become a NENA full member now and receive NENA resources for every step of the process.

Thank you for being a NENA Full Member, Associate or Ticket Partner!

Important Information About NENA Memberships

Please read carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

All NENA memberships are individual and not by organization. The only connection to the organization is when more than one person from your company wishes to become a member. The first person must join as a Full member at the annual rate of $150. Once your organization has a current Full member in place, additional individuals may join as Associate members at the annual rate of $50 per person.

NEW MEMBERS: When joining NENA as a Full or Associate member, your membership becomes effective on Day 1 of the month following NENA’s receipt of your payment. As an example, if you join anytime in May, and your dues payment is received by May 31st, your membership becomes effective on June 1st. If your payment is received in June, your membership will begin on July 1st.

EXISTING MEMBERS: Your annual renewal invoice is sent on Day 1 of the month prior to your renewal date. Your payment must be received by NENA by the last day of that month in order for your membership to remain current. If received after that, your membership is considered delinquent and will be made inactive. For example, if your annual renewal date is July 1st, you will receive a renewal invoice on June 1st, a reminder on June 15th, and a notification of delinquency on July 1st. Be sure to pay your annual renewal on time to avoid a lapse in your membership!

Members can LOGIN HERE or on the right sidebar to access your Dashboard launch point to exclusive NENA benefits. NENA will soon have a community forum where NENA members can ask questions and share their experience and solutions. Come back often!

NENA Member Benefits

Teleconference Archive

Access to an archive of prior teleconference sessions, allowing you to listen to important sessions you missed.

Committee Signup

As a NENA FUll Member, Associate or Ticket Partner, you have the privilege to serve on Committees that advocate for EN, VR and consumer needs with Ticket Program leaders at SSA, the Operations Support Manager (Maximus) and others. It’s the ultimate Ticket networking opportunity! You also develop programs and projects serving NENA members. Committee Signup is your place to learn about the Committees and sign up to serve. NENA recommends starting with one Committee.

Click here for Committee Directory

Annual Report

NENA’s annual Form 990 to the IRS, available for Members only.


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The National Employment Network Association (NENA) was launched by leading employment networks who know what you want from an association — because we want it too! We’re here to give you what you need to succeed:

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The National Employment Network Association (NENA) serves Employment Networks (ENs), American Job Centers (AJCs), State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies (SVRAs) and other Stakeholders involved in the Social Security Administration's Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program.

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