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NENA Committees

NENA committees and projects provide an excellent opportunity for NENA members to continue fine-tuning the Ticket to Work Program. If you haven’t joined yet, click here to complete the Membership application and select your preferred committee as part of the membership application.

Some monthly NENA events are referred to as “committee” meetings. All meetings and events are chaired by NENA Board Members and ALL NENA members, regardless of membership type, are invited (and encouraged!) to participate in all NENA events, including those noted as “committee” meetings.

You do not need to be part of the committee to attend a meeting.

If you are already a NENA member, are interested in serving on a committee, simply log in to the Members Only area, go to Dashboard>Committee News, and submit the Committee Application form. NENA will contact you about working together with other NENA members on projects that may also put you in touch with Social Security Administration or State vocational rehabilitation (SVR) agencies, or Ticket Program contractors such as Maximus.



Provide oversight and review of annual budget, expenses and revenue; make recommendations to the Board.

  • Meeting Schedule: Non-standard meeting dates
  • Chair: Christa Nivens
  • Contact: Christa Nivens at

Marketing & Outreach to Customers

Marketing & Outreach to Customers

Collaborate with key Ticket Program stakeholders (SSA, TPM/Maximus, SVR, etc.) to leverage existing marketing material and develop new materials. Monitor, evaluate, and advise on target marketing strategies such as Beneficiary Direct Marketing program, and “robocalls” promoting the Ticket Call Center to SSA disability beneficiaries.



Lead recruitment activities of new members. Organize annual membership drive. Recruit assistance from other NENA members.



Continually improve and streamline EN payment process, engage in these activities: collaborate with SSA and Maximus to monitor and evaluate EN Payment procedures, ongoing dialog with SSA and Maximus regarding timely payments, monitor EN payment status report to ensure information is complete and useful, and comment/collaborate with SSA whenever the Ticket Program implements new requirements or procedures affecting EN operations. Participate in and evaluate Proof of Concepts.

Policy & Legislative

Policy & Legislative

To work with SSA and other relevant organizations to identify Ticket to Work issues, collect information, and develop recommendations to present to the Board on actions to be taken. Follow-up on Board decisions as appropriate (to include distributing information, preparing newsletter articles, and developing proposals/position papers). To be available, as requested, to meet with and provide information to congressional staff on pertinent issues.

  • Meeting Schedule: Meets the 2nd Thursday, bi-monthly at 2:00 pm Eastern (odd-numbered months)
  • Chair: Matthew Silverstein
  • Contact: Matthew Silverstein at

Training & Development Opportunities

Training & Development Opportunities

To provide ongoing training and development opportunities for ENs, SVRs, AJCs and their staff to grow, sustain and streamline business practices and services.


Annual National Training Conference

Evaluate effectiveness of prior year’s Annual National Training Conference, and lead development and delivery of current year’s conference.

Ticket Talk with Q&A

Provides a platform for brief trainings relevant to EN business practices, updates from SSA national EN calls and forum for open Q&A with discussion. 

  • Meeting Schedule:  3rd Tuesday of each month at 2:00 pm Eastern
  • *In the event of a conflict with the SSA's All EN call, this meeting will move to 3:00 pm Eastern (currently scheduled for August and November).  
  • Co-chairs: Amy Wallish and Jessica Conant  
  • Contact: Amy Wallish at and Jessica Conant at 

Quarterly Training Teleconference

To provide quarterly trainings to members about different Ticket to Work topics.

VR/EN Partnership Plus

SVR/TPM/VR Partnership Plus

Monitor, evaluate and share information with NENA members on SVR/EN/AJC Partnerships. Promote best practices in this area. Collaborate with Partnership Plus activities led by SSA, State SVRs and national SVR organization (including CSASVR) on the experience of NENA members.

  • Meeting Schedule: 4th Tuesday, bi-monthly at 2:00 pm Eastern (odd-numbered months)

The National Employment Network Association (NENA) serves Employment Networks (ENs), American Job Centers (AJCs), State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies (SVRAs) and other Stakeholders involved in the Social Security Administration's Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program.

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